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Elevator with vertical and horizontal scrolling

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MULTI, the first elevator with vertical and horizontal scrolling


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Imagining a lift without cables, with vertical and horizontal movement, inevitably leads us to think in the elevator of Willy Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," or at least to assume that it is a science fiction movie. However, it's a reality.

After 160 years of elevators tied with cables, Thyssenkrupp has decided to go further and submit MULTI. This is the first scale model of elevator, which will mean a revolution, allowing vertical and horizontal scroll thanks to its system without wires. The prototype, developed at its Center for Innovation in Gijón, has been created very fast, just one year after the brand presented its revolutionary technology. And when can we see it working? It seems that it will be soon. The first tests will be in 2016.
multi- new Elevator


The system requires smaller gaps than the elevators we know today, and allows several booths propelled by gap, reaching speeds of up to 5 meters per second. The use of linear motors instead of wires transforms the elevator in vertical subway systems.

What are the advantages of such technology? It reduces the footprint of the elevator increasing its useful surface up to 25%, it increases the transport capacity up to 50% and reduces the peak load of power supply of the buildings. The impact promises to be quite important, both for mobility as energy efficiency, accessibility and functionality, so hopefully we'll see it working soon.

The new ways of construction and progress towards the model of intelligent buildings are imposing the need to break with the current standards and think of new technology solutions that help improve efficiency and meet the new needs of mobility, efficiency and accessibility.

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