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SmartCity and Smart Building (II)

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SmartCity and Smart Building, fashion concepts (part II)

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As we already proposed, the fashion concepts are the ones that go further and become a reality that is already present in our lives. What are they? How do they affect us? On this occasion, the Smart Buildings...

The Smart Buildings or Intelligent Buildings will be an indispensable part of the SmartCities, with an aligned concept to them. However, they also operate independently and are already a reality.

Smart Buildings will focus on control and process automation, including management of energy efficiency, lighting, air conditioning, security and access control, audiovisual systems and video surveillance, and total control of the various systems buildings from a computer or workstation.

The aim is to maximize the functionality of the building

The aim is to maximize the functionality of the building, improving the effectiveness of it, providing as many benefits, guaranteeing accessibility, increasing safety to the maximum, and increasing energy saving and efficiency.

Some of the essentials for an Intelligent Building are:

Indispensable for an Intelligent Building

Energy efficiency. Through consumption control and optimization, the use of alternative and clean energy, and the installation of smart meters.

Lighting. With automated lighting systems depending on location (inside or outside), presence through motion sensors, with the establishment of timetables or temporary settings, user preferences, etc.

Heating and Air conditioning. Using sensors of open windows to stop climatisation, establishing zones and times to adjust the temperature, air quality monitoring, and self-regulating for energy efficiency.

Security. High-security control systems of biometric access, access controls on parking, control and recording through control systems presence for employees, video surveillance and CCTV, alarms and smoke, fire or flood detectors, management of emergency doors.

Audiovisual systems. Custom audio systems in the building, centralized management screens, control of audiovisual rooms.

These new forms of construction with new standards, possible through em>innovation and technology, involving a paradigm shift, and require renewed mindsets and efficient solutions that meet the needs of users, and undoubtedly will help improve their quality of life.

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