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7 Tips for Optimising the Security of Your Home

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Our home contains our most prized possessions: works of art, collections, electronic equipment, jewellery, money and countless other items that we hold dear.


But most importantly, it is home to our most precious treasure: our family.

Ensuring that they are safe at all times is one of our biggest concerns. The number of home intrusions, burglaries, squatting cases and break-ins has increased by 40% over the past year. These are very alarming figures.. 

Home security has become a top priority for many Spanish households. Physical security via security cameras, alarms and analogue systems have proven to be ineffective against burglars, squatters and organised criminals.
Moreover, these security systems do not protect the home against robbery, damage or information theft by domestic workers, guests or providers of occasional services.

The authorities have determined that such incidents happen repeatedly, causing millions in losses and damages to families. And the distress that a violation of our most sacred space can cause represents a far greater loss than the value of any material asset.


The security of our homes requires access control systems which are integrated, modular and adaptable to our own needs. A smart access control system is the most efficient, secure and scalable way of ensuring the security of our homes..


Why opt for adaptable, tailor-made solutions for the home??

Traditional systems, besides being obsolete, have not changed in terms of their fundamental principles for many years. Their efficiency level thus falls far short of the real needs of today's households. Access control systems for private homes have the highest level of efficiency and are the most recommended by specialists. Firstly, these systems are based on the principle of hyper-customisation of each house as a unique and different space.


Each door, garage or entry point is individually secured with biometric readers, mobile IDs or high security proximity cards. Access permissions are fully customisable in the web application, and you can restrict access to certain areas such as bedrooms, storerooms, pantries or any other space that requires greater security. This allows you to establish restrictions, exceptions and limited access to workers or visitors to the home.


Additionally, access controls to cabinets, drawers or special furniture can be set up with specially designed miniaturised biometric readers.. 

lu-proteccion para virtrinas cajones y perfiles

The system will display failed entry attempts with the user's details, the time, number of attempts and date of entry, allowing for 24/7 monitoring. Therefore, at the first sign of any suspicious activity or breach of trust, you'll be able to take the appropriate measures....


NÜO Go!: 7 tips for comprehensive security in your home

Can you imagine your garage door opening automatically when you get home without needing to use a remote control? Have you thought about doing away with the traditional system of keys, which are bothersome and costly and can't provide you with a 100% security guarantee?

NÜO Go! is the first smart access control system specifically designed to secure homes and private dwellings. This innovative system allows the entire home to be protected in an integrated and unified fashion using a design that combines aesthetics and cutting-edge technology at the service of comfort and practicality

Using the latest technology in biometric readers, mobile IDs and customisable access, you can protect your home and restrict access via all its entry points without the need for complex systems, keys that can be lost, borrowed or stolen or super-complex codes which are easily hackable.


The security of your home and family is at your fingertips with the most secure fingerprint readers on the planet.


In addition, NÜO Go! will give you the following advantages:

registra usuarios

  1. Register each member of the household and customise each person's security level, choosing which areas they can access and when.
    This way your permissions will be different from those of your children, cleaning staff or gardening staff. In addition, each person will be their own "key" and you'll be able to keep track of when they have entered and which areas they have been in

    di adios a las llaves

  2. Say goodbye to keys
    No more rummaging through your purse or pockets or having to get your keys back from the person you lent them to. You'll no longer need to make duplicates for domestic staff, with all the risks that this entails. 

    anula permisos en tiempo real

  3. Cancel permissions in real time
    Have you had a problem with a domestic worker? Cancel their permissions and their access will be immediately blocked, giving you complete peace of mind.

    no mas accesos incontrolados

  4. No more unmonitored access
    To sensitive areas of your home, and no more items disappearing. With NÜO Go! you'll have access to all the information you need so that nothing can get past you. You'll even know if someone tries to enter without the correct authorisation or outside their allotted hours.

    olvidate del mando del garaje - lectura a distancia

  5. No more wasting time looking for the garage door opener.
    With NÜO Go! you can manage vehicle access to your home using UHF remote card readers. These work by recognising your vehicle remotely so that the door opens by itself, so you don't have to get out of the car or even open the window.

    controla todo estes donde estes

  6. Maximum flexibility with the most intuitive application
    NÜO Go!
    allows you to add new users, modify accesses, delete users or add zones without the need for additional physical installations in the home or new user licences. Simply use the application to make changes in real time.

    genera informes a medida
  7. Generate customised reports to monitor everything that goes on in your home: by date, by user, by incident, etc. This way, you can keep track of who entered, where and when.


NÜO Go! has many more advantages. If you want to discover how a good security solution can make a difference in your day-to-day life,, request your free DEMO and we'll help you choose the best set-up for your home. 

NÜO Solutions will offer you a major improvement in terms of comfort and security. In addition, their security systems do not require structural changes and have been designed based on the principle of discretion, adapting aesthetically to dozens of house styles and layouts. NÜO Go! is the premier security solution that enhances your home with the best access controls designed exclusively for private homes, regardless of their size, number of inhabitants, location, design or specific characteristics.

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