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Security and Access Control in Industry 4.0: The New Challenge

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The development of Industry 4.0 would be completely unfeasible without the support of electronic security and intelligent access control systems. The progress made by the so-called fourth industrial revolution is based on the perfect synchronisation of all the elements involved in the production process. This is one of the most important challenges in this new reality that involves a radical change of perspectives and a re-engineering of industrial management, being industry 4.0 security a key feature.

Industry 4.0 has surpassed the limits of being a trend and has become an increasingly widespread reality among global industries. According to studies by the largest consultants in the global industrial sector, Industry 4.0 has doubled its position with significant growth in investments and it is estimated that it will account for 25% of the global industry for the next 5 years.

However, all this growth, which is based on the development of automated processes, artificial intelligence and production predictability, can be vulnerable to a security breach.

Until now, the industry has invested most of its security budgets in strengthening its cybersecurity and preventing remote attacks through computer protection systems. However, these defences do not prevent physical damage, duplication, theft, espionage and the on-site alteration of information.

Furthermore, traditional cybersecurity systems and physical security methods have little or no effectiveness in preventing attacks by employees or authorised company personnel. Electronic, intelligent and biometric-based access control systems are emerging as the key to the development of Industry 4.0. Let's look at how.




Industry 4.0 security: critical points

In the industrialised world, the shift towards Industry 4.0 has marked the start of a new industrial revolution that is based on the creation of a new production methodology.

Spain, as an important part of the European industrial hub, has initiated changes in its industrial sector with a view to achieving automation and seeking out maximum efficiency in its production processes.

According to Spain's Centre for Industrial Cybersecurity, at the beginning Spain entered the 4th industrial revolution in a cautious way, but its penetration in the objectives of the legal frameworks of the most important sectors in the country is increasing.

The energy, pharmaceutical, public services and food sectors are leading the changes towards the Spanish Industry 4.0. These sectors have been incorporating a series of resources into their production systems that allow them to move closer to the principles of the new industrial paradigms.



In basic terms, Industry 4.0 bases its development on the implementation of automated production, the systematisation of administrative processes and the incorporation of intelligent technologies as the pillars of production processes that are on demand, predictable and with a minimal use of resources.

In order for this to be feasible, the industry has had to venture into the implementation of:

  • Artificial intelligence applied to production processes
  • Automated systems in administrative processes, supply chains and logistics
  • Robots and mechanisation of transformation processes
  • Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things
  • M2M (Machine to Machine) communication and WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • Information management through big data, cloud computing and augmented reality systems with scenario simulators
  • Machine learning applied as an amalgamation of all the processes and functional areas of the company

All these intelligent systems, equipment and machinery, as well as automated, programmed and adaptable processes, depend 100% on the operation of algorithms, computer programmes and IT systems.

Any alteration of these systems can affect the production layout that operates under an assumption of chains, synchrony and synergy.


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How does access control participate in the present and future of Industry 4.0 security?

Until December 2021, the global industry had invested a figure close to $165 billion in the implementation of artificial intelligence systems, process automation and intelligent communication systems.

Furthermore, this approach to Industry 4.0 has led to a re-engineering of the vision and working methods, meaning companies have had to invest many resources in training, updating and specialisation.




All these multi-million dollar investments are based on the protection of the systems and the shielding of the operational brains of the industries. The data centres guard the algorithms, software programming and operating systems that control the operation, scenario analysis and conflict resolution of machines, artificial intelligence and administrative systems.

Although there is growing concern about protecting these hubs from external attacks, there are few effective actions to protect them from insider attacks, industrial espionage and malicious tampering by authorised staff, such as non-company personnel who access the centre as a visitor, or the facility's regular staff and employees.

Industrial access control is key. Controlling access to these operational centres as well as to the areas with machinery, production processes and automated equipment is an increasingly urgent need in Industry 4.0 security.


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NÜO Solutions, access control systems for the industry

For more than 40 years, NÜO Solutions have been present in the biggest changes in the Spanish industry. We have adapted our services according to global changes and we always place the most advanced innovation at the service of comprehensive security and access control for the industry. 

In this era of such important industrial changes, our solutions are in step with the needs of our customers and we offer the best-adapted systems to the requirements of the new industrial revolution.

You can obtain more information about our access control systems for data centres, access control systems for laboratories and protection for industrial facilities in our blog.


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