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How to choose the Best Access Control System

How to choose the Best Access Control System
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There is currently a wide variety of access control systems on the market and choosing the best solution can get complicated. As an installer, your clients expect you to advise them and offer them the best solution adapted to their needs. 

To do so, you must take a number of aspects into account. If your client ends up being satisfied with your work, it's a guarantee that they'll re-hire you in the future, as well as recommending you to others. Word of mouth is still a very powerful weapon to attract new customers. 

At NÜO Planet, leaders as access control manufacturer, specialists in electronic security and access control systems, we will give you a few recommendations throughout this article so you can choose the most appropriate access control solution depending on your client's needs. 

Aspects to take into account when choosing the best access control solution

exterior o interior


Location: Where the system will be installed 

The location of the system is of the utmost importance, whether it is being installed indoors or outdoors.

If it is installed outside, it must be able to withstand sudden changes in weather and extreme temperatures. That is why access control systems made with materials such as plastic are not the best solution, since their durability is low and they require a lot of maintenance. The best option is to opt for systems made of aluminium or ultra-resistant tempered glass. Furthermore, it's also recommended that the IP rating be high, to ensure the electronic equipment is protected against the entry of external agents such as dust or water. At NÜO, we work with outdoor equipment with IP67 and IP65 protection and IK08 impact resistance, which makes our equipment prepared to withstand impacts, rain, snow, abrasion, saline environments or extreme environmental conditions.


sky poste y empotrado

Another aspect to consider is the type of building. For example, if the building is updated and modern, the best solution is a system that is fully integrated into the environment and the facade, so as to not spoil its aesthetics. Without a doubt, the architect and client will thank you. These systems are usually quite large and no one likes to have an eyesore next to the door that gets all the attention. 

Another example can be seen in historical buildings. They are usually awarded landmark status, preventing modifications and alterations from taking place, in particular to the exterior. In these cases, the best solution is to opt for posts anchored to the ground, which are close to the building's facade but don't touch it. At NÜO, seeing how we have been implementing security projects for years, we are highly aware the needs of unique buildings and structures that require special protection, which is why we have designed a specific product to solve your problems: Sky Poles. Poles anchored to the ground made entirely of ultra-resistant aluminium to work perfectly outdoors, which are placed next to the facade but without touching it. Furthermore, they combine access control system and video intercommunication in a single device. A solution that makes a great first impression! 

Another aspect that should influence your decision is the type of facility, for example, an office is not the same as an industrial area. In an industrial area there are vapours, a dirty environment, dust, vibrations, etc. that all coexist. Conditions that are often not optimal when it comes to the durability of certain equipment, which will get damaged in a short period of time and require significant maintenance. For this reason, in industrial areas, you should always opt for highly resistant systems, such as the NÜO Sky range, specially designed for environments that are used intensively, the NÜO Air all-terrain reader or the NÜO Awa reader. The latter, for example, allows fingerprints to be detected even when they are dirty with grease, dust, dry, wet or scarred. NÜO provides full operability in industrial environments, but also in environments that require the strictest levels of hygiene such as laboratories or health clinics. 

As you can see, location is a key factor to take into account before recommending a system. 

trafico gente


Take into account the flow of traffic

Not all access control systems have the same level of security nor can they manage the same number of doors or users. That's why, in order to rule out options, it's a good idea to take into account the number of users and doors that you need to control. Not all systems are able to work correctly when used intensively with the activity of 1,000 users, nor is it necessary to bear the cost of a system that exceeds your needs if, for example, you only need to control 3 doors for a pharmacy. The flexibility that an access control system gives you is key. 

control de vehículos


Client needs 

Do you only need to control access from the outside? Do you need to restrict areas indoors? Should vehicles be controlled? Is there a car park area? These are some of the questions that you should ask your client to understand their needs and which type of access control system is in their best interest. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but rather the most suitable solution for a specific installation. That's why it's essential to have a security solution provider that advises you correctly and whose portfolio provides a wide range of solutions that adapt to the different needs of the client. 

Level of security

When a client decides to install an access control system, what they are looking for is security for their employees, visitors, for their business, or for their own home. That's why it's essential to truly understand the difference in security that fingerprint biometrics provides compared to all other credentials, as we explain in this article

Low maintenance 

Clients - one of the main requirements that they look for in an access control system is minimum maintenance. Solutions that guarantee the safety and operability of their installation 365 days a year, as well as ensuring the device does not get damaged. To do this, by opting for systems in which the software and hardware are developed by the same manufacturer, it will be possible to avoid incompatibilities that may end up in disconnected doors, thus affecting the security of the building. Furthermore, these systems are more difficult to hack because they do not have security gaps. 

gestión del sistema facil uso


Easy to use

How easy the system is to use is another decisive factor for the client when opting for one solution or another. Being able to manage it from a single platform or application and from anywhere and at any time will be a huge advantage for them. Remember that in their day to day, they are probably already working with a variety of tools. If they have to add one more into the mix, it's important that it be easy to use and intuitive, with no learning curve.

As an installer, to guarantee your client's satisfaction, it's important that you take into account the aforementioned aspects when recommending or choosing the best access control system for them. 

NÜO Access Control systems are designed and developed with the client and the installer in mind, due to how easy they are to install, taking into account the design, durability, low maintenance and ease of use. 

Don't hesitate to contact us at the following link, and we'll offer you the advice you need on any project, as expert access control manufacturer.


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