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Keys to improving the cost-effectiveness of security installations

Keys to improving the cost-effectiveness of security installations
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Never before has safety been so important in our lives. Safety (or security) is a very broad term that affects many areas of our day-to-day life. Being safe in our home, having a feeling of security when walking around the city centre, having a level of computer security that protects our data and our identity on the internet, and, of course, feeling safe in our workplace. 

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The security industry has a huge impact on everything when it comes to work, and a part of this industry is occupied by an increasingly thriving market: Access Control. According to the market study prepared by Mordor Intelligence, the access control market was valued at 7.65 billion dollars in 2020 and it is expected to reach 11.7 billion dollars by 2026, growing by 7.38% annually. So, we must ask ourselves:

Why are more and more companies committing to investing more resources in the improvement of their access controls?


Profitability: ensuring the security of access controls is cost-effective


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Each company has assets that it must protect so that they are not stolen or so that something doesn't happen to them by accident. Logically, a small office is not the same as an electronic components factory or a hospital. But each one must protect what it owns at the levels of security that it creates. Because when a company is the victim of theft or an accident and they end up losing a large part of their assets, the economic collapse of the company can be fatal. That's why it's vital to control the accesses in any facility so you can know that whoever enters is responsible for everything that's inside. Be it an office with computers, or a clinical analysis laboratory.


The risk of someone outside the company gaining access and ending up either causing an accident or stealing material is just too high. Preventing all these accidents offers long-term profitability for the business. And an increasing number of companies and multinationals around the world are starting to realise this.

The companies that are responsible for providing and installing these access control security systems carry a lot of responsibility. The products they offer in their projects must be 100% safe in order to properly secure the spaces and guarantee that no one enters a space they're not supposed to be in. When we talk about security, there are certain vulnerabilities that we can never accept. For example, it's clear that a proprietary protocol is less vulnerable than a free one, or that a wired installation is much more secure than one with standalone readers. For this reason, it is vitally important for professional installers to team up with manufacturers of quality products with a solid track record in the market that allows them to offer continuous improvements in security solutions for the client. Because it's clear that when the client is happy and the installation isn't problematic, long-term profitability is multiplied. 



Quick and easy installation: keys for the installer


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The professional installer, based on the experience they've accumulated from all the installations they've done in the past, has to learn to identify the systems that will make them spend an excessive amount of time on an installation. What installer hasn't found themselves in a situation with complex integrations between products, tangled cables that are needed to connect devices, software installations with complications, unforeseen trips to the shop because a power supply or battery was missing...? 

Clearly, these are the security systems that the installer should avoid. Those that cause them to lose time and don't help to make their business profitable. 

In this sense, installation companies must opt for the products that meet two fundamental characteristics: 

    1. Quick and easy installation thanks to Plug & Play and All-in-One solutions, reducing installation times and being able to multiply the number of installations they are capable of taking on.

    2.  High security solutions that guarantee the operability of the installation and that it will be running 24/7, resulting in huge time savings and increased profitability for the installer thanks to minimal maintenance needs. 

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How to find a cost-effective security and access control solution?

We don't like to be pessimistic but we have many installation partners who have told us stories, and the day will probably come when you too will find yourself in this situation.  

When you're tired of working with brands that do nothing but cause you problems, during the installation and with your client when the installation in their company or home is compromised due to security problems, it will be time to change brands and partner up with a manufacturer that provides you with the quality solution you were looking for. Maybe no one ever told you, but there are some manufacturers that not only focus on providing maximum security to the end customer, but whose developer engineers also focus their R&D processes on making life easier for installers.

all in oneOne system that is a good example of an easy installation is the All-in-One solution. In other words, it's when the solution comes all packaged up and in a single box where the installer has everything he or she needs, practically already assembled. You don't have to buy other parts or devices from third parties to make sure everything is connected. And this also includes the software and hardware. There is no better solution for an access control installer than having the hardware and software joined together, with the software embedded in the hardware, and working as one. This greatly reduces the incompatibility problems that may arise and minimises potential system vulnerabilities, since all devices, including the software, are designed to work together and understand each other from the get-go.


plugandplay Another key when looking for a reliable access control solution is that it is a true Plug & Play. That is, that the wiring is ultra-simple, you plug it in and it works! You receive it from the factory practically already assembled and all you have to do is finish connecting the different elements. This type of system includes tools to even help the installer during its start-up, thanks to automatic recognition systems for the associated devices, which will prevent you from wasting time searching for each connected element one by one.


wires In addition to this feature of Plug & Play, there is also the ability of the solutions to work simultaneously with different bus cables, avoiding tangled cables and simplifying their installation as much as possible. In addition, with solutions that work at 48V, you can greatly increase the distance from the wiring to the doors, securing spaces which could not be done with a single system in a traditional system. 


mantenimiento Another advantage that installers look for in innovative access control systems is minimal maintenance. Better for them and much better for the end customer. Knowing that the system is automatically regulated, that its updates are fast and don't cause incompatibilities, or that operation self-sufficiency is guaranteed, are all huge competitive advantages. But maintenance not only has to do with the computer system, but also the wear and tear of the installation devices themselves, such as readers or video intercoms. They must be made of ultra-resistant, robust materials that can take a beating, withstand extreme weather conditions and are resistant to rain or saline environments, all without affecting their functionalities. Ultra-resistant tempered glass, polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminium... materials that are treated to withstand whatever comes their way.

Profitability for the installer

When a security system always works and never presents any type of vulnerability, nor gets worn out or have to be constantly updated, then the benefits are huge for the end customer. After a while, it will be so integrated into the access control processes that they won't even notice them anymore. The profitability of these systems is unquestionable. 

But further to this, many of the advantages for the company are also benefits for the installer, since they all also affect the installation, monitoring and maintenance of the systems. And you are guaranteed to find all of these benefits with NÜO Go.


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