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Security in the headquarters of Group Ralons

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NÜO guarantees the security in the new headquarters of the Group Ralons


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[enlace pagina="One" target="_blank"]NÜO One[/enlace] is the access control system chosen to manage the new headquarters of the Group Ralons located at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

One of the highlights of a good access control is its lobby, [enlace pagina="Lectores" target="_blank"]NÜO B-SHO readers[/enlace] have been implemented in the main battery of lathes to manage the access of employees and visitors to the building in a fast and efficient way. NÜO B-SHO biometric readers combine biometrics and proximity. The card reader included works with MIFARE Plus®, one of the safest protocols in the market.
NÜO B-SHO readers in the main battery of lathes
NÜO B-SHO readers in the main battery of lathes
NÜO Swip readers with biometric swipe and proximity reading

The security of various offices is controlled by [enlace pagina="NuoSwip"]NÜO Swip readers[/enlace] with swipe and proximity reading. Its surface finish is of high wear resistance, made of plastic with antibacterial treatment.

off-line readers NÜO TOK: electronic cylinders without any wiring

The management of technical rooms has been made with [enlace pagina="NuoTok"]off-line readers NÜO TOK[/enlace]. They are electronic cylinders designed for any type of application where the implementation of access control in doors without any wiring is needed.

In the parking, the access control of vehicles is managed by our range of [enlace pagina="Sky"]posts Pi150[/enlace] with camera modules, intercom and proximity readers, configuring the access with high security by lock for controlled passage of armored vehicles for transport of money.

In short, a complete set of elements of the [enlace pagina="Home"]NÜO[/enlace] and [enlace pagina="WandM"]W&M[/enlace] family that ensures the best access control in the market.

Thanks to our experience, with more than 30 years in the sector, we know that each project is unique and has different characteristics, we invite you to contact us and tell us your needs.

[enlace pagina="Empresa" ancla="#empresa-formulario"]Contact us at or call us at +34 91 870 71 93 or at +34 91 872 95 76.[/enlace]

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