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What are encryption algorithms AES and 3DES?

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Data encryption and the use of encryption algorithms are critical to the security of an Access Control System, since they guarantee the invulnerability of communication between devices that conform it.

Its use is essential to prevent attacks on the system, as they allow the information exchanged between the different elements to be completely indecipherable to users alien to it.

There are different levels of security in the encryption of communications.
The safest are the algorithms AES and 3DES. But, do you know what they are?


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AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm

It is one of the most secure algorithms available nowadays. It is classified by the National Security Agency (NSA) from USA for the highest security of secret information. It is based on several substitutions, permutations, and linear transformations, performed in data blocks of 16 bytes, which are repeated several times.

So far there is no possibility of attack against AES, so this algorithm is still the preferred encryption standard by governments, banks and high security systems worldwide.

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3DES (Triple Data Encryption Standard) algorithm

It is based on the DES algorithm, which applies a series of basic operations to convert a text into another one encrypted, using a cryptographic key. 3DES is the algorithm that makes triple encryption of DES; it is based on applying it three times, with three different keys, making it much safer.

This method is gradually being replaced by the AES, since it is up to six times faster, however, there are still electronic payments, credit cards, etc. that use the 3DES standard, so it is still quite in force.


Maximun Security

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