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Advantages of working on sustainable construction projects

Working on sustainable construction projects
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In our previous article, The Importance of Sustainability in Architecture: Upcoming Trends, we saw that the concept of sustainable architecture is gaining strength in construction projects, opting for the use of environmentally friendly techniques and materials. This is due to the many advantages that come with working on sustainable projects and that we will look at throughout this article, answering questions such as: Why as an architect should you be interested in working on the construction of sustainable buildings? How can sustainability improve return on investment and reduce costs? Why are users increasingly opting for sustainable homes? As well as the potential it represents for both architects and their clients.

recursos sostenibles


Advantages for architects: Why work on sustainable projects?


Reduced construction costs and increased Return On Investment (ROI)

The construction of buildings designed with sustainable materials are usually less expensive to build, since they require fewer resources (for example water and energy) to carry out the project. Furthermore, they have a great return on investment because the value of sustainable properties increases considerably due to them being in high demand. 


Reduction of waste

Sustainable buildings minimise waste with their lower environmental impact and the use of renewable sources and materials. Products such as rubble, sand and burnt coal can be used with excellent environmental and aesthetic results. 


Here's a tip: To reduce waste, it is important for all the elements that make up the building to be sustainable as well, such as appliances, furniture and even security and access control systems. 


At NÜO Planet, as specialists in security and access control solutions, we are committed to solutions that take care of the environment, which is why all our systems are made with 100% sustainable materials such as aluminium and tempered glass, minimising the use of plastic to the greatest extent possible. This allows us to provide more durable and ultra-resistant solutions that are also sustainable.  




Use of natural resources 

Buildings classified as sustainable are those that are not only built with sustainable materials, but also take advantage of resources such as sun and rainwater, thus reducing energy and water consumption. 

For example, installing solar panels allows us to achieve a 100% energy efficient home. Furthermore, rainwater can be collected to be used for cleaning toilets. Without a doubt, a great way to reduce costs and preserve the environment, two very attractive aspects for the client and that are a source of added value.


Reuse of materials

Another advantage of sustainable buildings is that, as they are made with 100% reusable materials, over the years when the building deteriorates, these materials can be reused and given a second life, such as in the construction of a new building. 


Long-lasting materials 

The materials used for the construction of sustainable houses are usually of excellent quality (stone, slate and natural wood), which enhances their durability and requires less maintenance, thereby considerably reducing maintenance costs. 


ventajas de ser sostenible para tus clientes

Advantages of sustainable buildings for your clients 


They improve people's health  

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, outdoor air is two to five times less polluted than indoor air, since the use of paints and cleaning products can be harmful to human health. Opting for sustainable and natural materials can help purify the air, thus improving the health of the people who are in the building. 


Better soundproofing and thermal insulation 

Noise outside the building can affect our quality of life. There are many sustainable materials that can help us to soundproof spaces. Furthermore, they are also good thermal insulators, which helps, for example, to reduce heating costs. 


They reduce the demand for energy by 90% 

Thanks to the integration of solar energy systems (solar panels), energy costs can be significantly reduced. This represents huge savings for the owner of the building. 




In short, committing to sustainable construction is undoubtedly a commitment to the environment and the future. 


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