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II Congress of Intelligent Buildings

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Security, accessibility and efficiency in the II Congress of Intelligent Buildings

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The Congress of Intelligent Buildings organized by Group Tecma Red, is the leading professional forum in Spain that deals with the concept of intelligent building from a whole and multidisciplinary perspective, to accelerate and increase the inclusion of the best possible technology solutions and systems in the building, in order to get more efficient, safe, functional and accessible buildings. In it, both technical issues, as well as regulatory and business opportunities are discussed.

In this second edition of the Congress, held on 27 and 28 October in Madrid, there has been more than 200 attendees, who have been enjoying the 20 presentations of communications, three keynote presentations and three panel discussions the program comprised.
Congress Intelligent Buildings

During the two days it has been confirmed a growing interest in solutions for intelligent buildings, coinciding with the improvement in the housing sector. Energy efficiency, safety and accessibility are aspects increasingly in demand, and which are promoting the need for intelligent buildings to meet these requirements. This is a major technological and strategic challenge for businesses and professionals, while providing more business opportunities for automation and control solutions, security, data networks, access control, etc.

To achieve its development, it is necessary the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams that allow to confront the challenge of intelligent buildings, but also new technologies are presented as essential allies.

Intelligent Buildings: Heating and Air conditioning
Intelligent Buildings: Lighting

Intelligent buildings are those whose equipment and systems (HVAC, lighting, electricity, security, telecommunications, access control, computer, etc.) enable automated management and control to increase energy efficiency, safety, usability and accessibility of the same.

Intelligent Buildings: City

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