Biometrics | 4 MIN | 24/07/2016

What is the "Fingerprint on Card"? What are the advantages?

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What is the "Fingerprint on Card"? What are the advantages?


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NÜO is the Access Control System with the widest range of readers in the market, but its benefits do not end there. All its biometric readers have the maximum flexibility and offer users different possibilities for personal identification: fingerprint, card, fingerprint+card, fingerprint or card, or even a lesser known option but with many advantages: the fingerprint on card. But what exactly is the mark fingerprint on card? What advantages does it have? When is it convenient to use?

The Access Control System has the widest range of readers in the market. In addition, NÜO biometric readers offer total flexibility for users to use the identification method that best suits their needs and the building or company. The possibilities and combinations are many and almost all well-known:


The user identifies approaching their card to the reader (contactless).


The user places his fingerprint, previously registered, on the reader.


The user must be identified using the two methods consecutively.


The user will use one method or another

But NÜO readers offer one more possibility, a great unknown so far for some users: The Fingerprint on Card. What does it consist of? What are the advantages? In what cases is it convenient to use?


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What is the "Fingerprint on Card"?

The system of Fingerprint on Card performs user identification when he first presents a card containing information about his fingerprint, and then the physical fingerprint as such. The system, to allow or deny access and to check their permits, performs a comparison of both biometric patterns, which, as is logical, should match.

What advantages does the system have?

Using Fingerprint on Card combines all the advantages of biometrics and proximity

  • The cards used have the highest levels of safety thanks to the MIFARE Plus® cards, with authentication and data encryption for high security AES and 3DES encryption algorithms.
  • These cards contain only 50% of the information needed to enter, so in case of loss or misplacement, the security of access is not jeopardized. They will only be valid presenting then the corresponding fingerprint.
  • Although the system uses cards, it is based on fingerprints, which guarantee the maximum security thanks to the uniqueness of the identification method. The fingerprint is unique to each individual, unique, non-transferable, it can't be shared or duplicated.
  • This identification method also allows that the personal information of the fingerprint is not stored in the system's intelligence, but on the card itself. Therefore, the storage and management capacity in terms of number of users is increased significantly.
  • The response speed of the system also increases, as it does not need to look for matching the fingerprint presented with that in your records; the comparison is made between the fingerprint presented on the card and the physical fingerprint presented afterwards, so the answer is much more agile.
  • Storage of personal data (regarding fingerprint) in a system alien to the individual is avoided. In some countries like France, this system is a must to comply with current legislation, which does not allow storing certain types of personal information.
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In what cases is it convenient to use?

This is certainly a system that we must not lose sight because it will be ideal for certain types of facilities such as:

  • Facilities with a very high number of users.
  • Facilities that have a high volume of temporary staff who otherwise would be required to register and withdraw to avoid blocking the system capacity in terms of number of users.
  • Facilities or locations where the storage of personal information as fingerprints is not permitted.

NÜO biometric readers give you total flexibility for you to choose the system that best suits your building or business, whatever your needs are.

All our products and solutions are the result of research and innovation, and are designed to suit your specific needs. We have the perfect alternative to ensure the security in your project or building.

MIFARE and MIFARE Plus are trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

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