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The importance of Building Planning for Access Control Projects

The importance of Building Planning for Access Control Projects
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Including access control projects within building planning processes from the outset will be of the utmost importance in order to guarantee their effectiveness, safety and ease of installation, among other advantages which we will discuss throughout this article. 

Why is it important to include access control projects in building planning?

When installing an access control system in a newly constructed building, it is essential for this system to be integrated into the project from the very beginning, in order to facilitate the installer's work and ensure the system is fully integrated into the building. 

While it's true that these systems have the ability to be installed in any building and at any time, if their installation is planned out as part of the initial project, not only will the system design be fully integrated with the building design, but so will the power sockets and camera positions, allowing you to choose the perfect and most appropriate position for them, in addition to having the electrical power systems identified once the electrical wiring is pulled. 

Planning the access control system as part of the initial project will not only make life easier for the installer, but the architect will be able to make decisions about its design so that it is fully integrated into the building without being detrimental to it in any way (a design that doesn't look right, bad finishes…).  

Here are some examples of what could happen

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Are you an architect? 

Imagine that your building is considered a cutting-edge work of design for its efficiency and innovation, but you have not taken into account what the security and access control system will be like. 


This could mean that, once the work is finished, the installation of the system could spoil the aesthetics and design of the building, or it could not meet the appropriate efficiency and innovation standards that said building requires. All are problems that could have been avoided if it had been planned out from the very beginning as part of the initial project.





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Are you an installer? 

Imagine that you're asked to install an access control system to cover the security of all the doors in a new office building, considered to be groundbreaking and innovative. As you won't know exactly what the wiring is like and you won't have been able to speak with the architect about the requirements of said security system, you might install a solution that's unsuitable for the place, making its installation complicated and causing you to have to invest extra time in solving problems such as incompatibilities between software and hardware, or having to change systems, or perhaps the customer will end up feeling dissatisfied when it's all done. 

If you know what the building is going to be like in advance, what it will be used for and what needs it should cover, you'll be able to anticipate these needs and find the most appropriate solution that meets the objectives and expectations of the client. 


todo tipo de edificios - control de accesos nuo

At NÜO, we provide state-of-the-art design and access control systems, adapted to all types of buildings


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At NÜO, as specialists in electronic security, we offer access control systems with a unique design and technology, based on different technologies such as biometrics, opening with a mobile credential or proximity readers, to adapt to any type of building, whether or not it is under construction. 


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Their design is 100% customisable, adapting to the building and the client's needs, and not the other way around. In other words, "one-size-fits-all" is a thing of the past, now it's all about flexible and scalable solutions such as those from NÜO that allow you to choose the number of doors you want to control access to. There's no longer a single solution, but instead you can choose which doors you are most interested in protecting. A way to save costs and do away with astronomical investments at the beginning, with the ability to increase the number of doors in the future and only when you need it.  


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Another advantage of our solutions is that you can choose a different reader for each door, since not all of them have the same characteristics or technical specifications. 


For example, our NÜO Go! solution is one of the most recommended by installers and best known among architects and clients. 

It is a unique solution designed exclusively for installers due to its easy start-up. This is all thanks to the fact that the hardware and software is developed by us, thus avoiding incompatibilities, going from installations that can take days to complete to those that are done in just an hour or a morning (depending on the magnitude of the project). 

A unique solution that helps to: 

  • Reduce installation and maintenance times by 50% thanks to its automatic device recognition system. 
  • Completely eliminate incompatibility issues. The software and hardware are developed by the same manufacturer, meaning they understand each other perfectly. 
  • Minimum maintenance. With top quality materials and updates that are carried out automatically and without the need to pay for licenses. 

In addition, this solution is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, withstanding sudden changes in temperature and being managed from a single application, without the need for keys (identification can be made by means of a fingerprint, card or smartphone). You will know who is accessing the facilities at all times and when, thus avoiding any intrusions that could put the security of the building at risk, and offering the entrepreneur data with which they can make operational decisions about their business. 

For more information about NÜO Go!, you can contact us by clicking here

the simplicity you were looking for


In short, introducing the installation of security and access control systems within the planning process of a construction project will help you to: 

  • Integrate technology and innovation with design. 
  • Make the installation as profitable as possible. 
  • Meet the required security standards. 
  • Avoid product incompatibilities, choosing a solution where the software and hardware come from the same supplier. 
  • Save costs by including the access control system within the construction project. 

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