Events | 1 MIN | 29/01/2017

NÜO and Smartaccess, together in Guatemala

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This new year has brought us very pleasant surprises, and we want to share them with you.

NÜO has arrived to Guatemala hand in hand with Smartaccess!

The company has completed the training that credits it as a NÜO Certified Company, and it already markets and installs our innovative access control solutions with the highest security and a unique design.

If you are in Guatemala and want to know more about Smartaccess and NÜO, visit their web
You'll find everything about the system and can contact the company to install it in your building.

0 Calle 22-33 Vista Hermosa II Zona 15. Guatemala. Guatemala PBX (502) 2219-3858 / (502) 5000-8101 / (502) 4002-3101

All our products and solutions are the result of research and innovation, and are designed to suit your specific needs. We have the perfect alternative to ensure the security in your project or building.

Do you want us to help you?

[enlace pagina="Empresa" ancla="#empresa-formulario"]Contact us at or call us at (+34) 91 870 71 93.[/enlace]

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