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Why are fingerprint readers the most secure systems for your company?

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Do you think your company is 100% protected against internal attacks by people with free access to the different areas of your company? How would it affect your company if someone could enter your offices, warehouses or data centres and steal critical information?


Analogue security systems such as magnetic keys or credentials, and obsolete technology such as code readers or even card-shaped credentials, can be lost, transferred, duplicated and misused, making them very unsecure.

Up until now, security breaches have been detected after the fact, in other words, once it's already too late. What's more, traditional systems do not allow for the hierarchisation and individualisation of access controls to sensitive areas, depending on the type of user or employee.

The vulnerability of physical security allows outsiders to commit industrial espionage, theft, data duplication and malicious damage to hardware or software. At the same time, they do not effectively prevent employees and people involved in daily operations (contractors, regular visitors, etc.) from breaching the system.

According to estimates by Deloitte, one of the largest fraud advisory firms in the world, half of Spanish companies have suffered from some type of internal fraud, theft or malicious damage caused by employees.

In this sense, companies have expressed their inability to prevent this kind of damage from being caused to their assets, since their security systems have focused on preventing outsiders from entering the company and they have done little or nothing to prevent the negative actions committed by their staff.



What's most concerning is that financial and service companies have been the most affected, since the disclosure of information, copying of customer data and sale of privileged information have been the most repeated acts. Let's take a look at some examples of this type of damage in today's companies.


Internal attacks by the company's employees and trusted personnel

It is very common to think of a robbery as being caused by people breaking into a corporate building in the middle of the night and stealing money, goods or equipment. Furthermore, for many managers, the idea of industrial espionage is something that only affects large corporations, banks or very sophisticated industries.

Unfortunately, for 65% of the industrial and service sector, robberies are committed in broad daylight, without violence and without attracting any attention. They are generally committed by employees and service staff with full access authorisation.

Industrial espionage is much easier to execute and, simultaneously, it causes even more damage than stealing a product or what's left in the cash register at the end of the day. The theft of information regarding formulas, industrial processes, projects, business contacts or customer information is the order of the day in Spanish companies.


control de accesos industria alimentaria _ awa


Some shocking statistics

In a recent study on losses caused in the United States by company employees and associates, the following numbers were obtained:

  • Theft of merchandise by employees: $50 billion
  • Losses from theft and internal sabotage: 7% of sales revenue
  • Employees who have stolen at least once: 75%
  • Projects and classified information sold to competitors: 29%
  • Average detection time for theft and espionage: 2 years

This data provides us with only a small idea of the scope of the theft, industrial espionage and sabotage caused by people with authorisation to access critical areas.

Furthermore, this type of fraud has been committed by administrative staff, operators, cleaning staff and executives, as well as suppliers, various service technicians and even customers.


How do fingerprint readers prevent these losses?

Faced with the large losses caused by internal fraud, company directors are throwing their hands up in the air with great concern. These actions not only affect large companies, but also directly affect the development of SMEs and small businesses.

Access control systems with biometric readers use a technology that allows them to differentiate between a multitude of patterns to identify the fingerprint as a unique, non-transferable and personal element. And as we have already explained in several articles, there is no technology more secure than fingerprint access control systems. Fingerprint biometrics is unique and reliably identifies whoever tries to gain access. Unlike traditional access credentials such as cards, the fingerprint cannot be exchanged or loaned to a colleague or someone outside the company. Fingerprint biometric readers are the most robust, comfortable and secure identification method that can be used to secure the accesses of any company.


The latest generation NÜO fingerprint readers have a multispectral optical recognition system that penetrates the superficial layers of the epidermis and is capable of easily identifying the fingerprint even with latex gloves or with fingers that are wet, dirty, greasy or covered in cream.

These access control systems for companies work with an advanced technology that is very efficient. The reader captures a fingerprint placed on the sensor and compares it with thousands of fingerprints registered in its memory bank, in an ultra-fast process to provide agility and precision in the access control experience for offices and SMEs.

Each time a fingerprint is placed on an optical sensor, it is recorded in a report that contains the date, time, location and identification of the employee who has requested access.

Companies can generate reports to have complete control over everything that goes on in their business, including being able to see failed attempts to access critical areas. This action gives management a tool for decision making, investigation or legal action against a potential intruder.



Custom solutions and bespoke access control systems from NÜO Solutions

The NÜO Solutions fingerprint biometric system offers hardware and software in perfect harmony, which allows for quick installation and immediate configuration according to company guidelines.

 As you can see in our article “Office Access Control: The New Generation in Security for Companies”, you can adapt our access control systems to any functional area, loading area, reception area, offices, parking access control, turnstiles, lifts, warehouses and IT centres.

Our access control readers are made with the most durable materials, they are aesthetically aligned with your architecture and are maintenance free. No matter how big or small your company is, NÜO Solutions adapt to your needs, dimensions and budgets.



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