Biometrics | 4 MIN | 22/02/2022

Why is biometrics recommended for security applications?

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Over the past few years we have been experiencing a widespread use of biometrics. Fingerprint biometrics used as a user identification mechanism is increasingly becoming an everyday feature for a multitude of daily activities: from unlocking the smartphone, making payments in stores with biometric authentication, biometric lockers in gyms, to cars that can be started with fingerprint biometrics. 


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However, experts alert that not all biometric-based security systems offer the same security guarantees. In this regard, the article published by Cuadernos de Seguridad on the growing demand for biometric readers is quite interesting.  

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At NÜO we are always committed to maximum security solutions, because we understand that protecting your company, business or home should not be left to luck. And fingerprint access control systems are the most secure, convenient and robust recognition method to identify users in an access control system. First of all, because user identification is based on unique, non-transferable and 100% reliable biometric patterns. 

Just as when you try driving an automatic car you will never go back to driving a manual car, the same thing happens with biometrics. When you secure your spaces with fingerprint readers, and experience the simplicity and comfort of the key being yourself, you will never want to go back to physical credentials such as cards, key fobs, mobile credentials or traditional keys.



After all, your fingerprint is always there with you, and it is the only 100% reliable method that guarantees the identity of the person carrying it. Say goodbye to keys, to obsolete and unsecure code readers, and forget about lost and stolen cards, about employees lending them to each other, and about all the maintenance costs and wasted time of your IT and reception staff every time cards need to be replaced or someone leaves them at home.



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Interesting fact: Did you know that, according to the latest report on trends in access control systems by Security Management 2019 magazine, 51% of companies with an access control system installed still use the obsolete and totally hackable 125 kHz low frequency cards? Cards using a technology developed more than 25 years ago, and which can be easily hacked with card cloners that you can easily buy on the Internet for very little money.

Spending money on such solutions (as cheap as it may seem), is like throwing it straight into the garbage.

Firstly, because the security guarantee provided by this type of solutions is extremely low and highly vulnerable, and secondly, because it is a solution that does not have a long-term vision. In other words, these types of solutions, although at a lower initial cost, have large hidden costs that arise over the years (extra costs for licenses, costs for major system maintenance every time a problem arises, etc.). And as the saying goes, in the end, the cheap comes out expensive.

For this reason when installing an access control system to secure a facility, whether it is an office, an industry, a retail store or a home, it is key that we do it with all the security guarantees, and fingerprint biometrics is the method with the maximum security guarantees.

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