Access Control | 5 MIN | 15/07/2021

Detect the Invisible Costs of Installing an Access Control System

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Before deciding to carry out any type of project, knowing how much it will cost is the first step to deciding whether or not it is viable for the company. Getting an estimate is one of the main elements that is taken into account when making the decision to buy, along with the quality of the product. 

However, an estimate is not always entirely accurate nor does it necessarily reflect the final cost that'll appear on the invoice. This is due to the so-called "hidden or invisible costs", those unforeseeable or difficult to identify costs. 

When installing an access control system, there are also a number of hidden or invisible costs, which as an installer you must take into account in order to give the client a real, accurate estimate and so that you don't have to modify the final price. When the final cost goes above the initial estimate, it can cause the client to feel dissatisfied and, as a consequence, they may not decide to procure your services in the future, thus losing the opportunity to turn them into a loyal customer. 

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What hidden or invisible costs can there be in the installation of an access control system? 


Excessive maintenance costs

In most cases, maintenance and support is a service aside from installation. When a device is of a low quality, made with flimsy materials such as plastic, its durability decreases, causing it to be easily damaged, especially when used outdoors where temperature changes are abrupt. 

Another influencing factor is when the software and hardware are not developed by the same manufacturer. When this happens, failures and incompatibility problems are very frequent, causing vulnerabilities that directly affect the security of the building. 

For reasons like these, at NÜO we only work with ultra-resistant materials such as aluminium or tempered glass, with an IP rating of between 65 and 67 and a resistance level of IK08, capable of withstanding sudden changes in the environment, guaranteeing their durability and helping to save on maintenance costs. 

In addition, we also develop the hardware and software, preventing incompatibilities from occurring and ensuring that everything works correctly from the word go, since the connection between doors and their associated devices is done automatically. Likewise, NÜO access control systems have backup batteries and smart chargers to ensure full functional operability. A way of guaranteeing the security of the installation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Because when there are no failures or errors, maintenance is minimal or non-existent and unnecessary extra costs are avoided.

Extra costs for licenses and updates 

Most Access Control systems have additional costs for management software licenses. Licenses that are usually annual and that may increase the fees you pay depending on the number of devices or users you have. That is, if you ever want to expand your installation in the future, you may find an unpleasant surprise on your software license invoice.

In addition, another added cost that in many cases is not taken into account in the initial estimate, and which can increase the final cost considerably, are system updates, both for hardware and software. When it comes time to update the system, no one probably ever told you that you'll have to pay extra for the new version. 

All the NÜO solutions come without licenses, since the software is embedded in the system itself. And updates are free for life. Because our goal is to offer fully operational, high security solutions.   

 Additional installation costs 

We can't forget that costs are not only economic, but that another very important cost is the cost of wasted time. When we talk about installing an access control system, we must be aware that the price of the initial estimate isn't everything, if it also leads to endless problems that, in the end, representing an opportunity cost compared to other projects. For example, installing systems that require us to integrate elements made by different manufacturers means more wiring, greater incompatibility problems between devices and, consequently, a longer installation time. 

In addition, in order for the system to work correctly and be fully operational, you need to make sure that all the elements it needs are included in the offer: for example, many estimates don't include essential accessory elements for installation, such as power sources, batteries, locks, etc., which logically increase the cost of the system later on. 

At NÜO, installation is child's play, it's super simple and manages to considerably reduce installation and maintenance times for your average installation. In addition, NÜO is a complete solution, where everything is included and nothing is missing so that the installation is guaranteed to go according to plan. 

In short, taking into account the hidden or invisible costs in your estimate will help you provide the client with a more realistic quote to avoid unnecessary surprises in their final invoice, which may cause them to lose trust in you or decide against purchasing your services in the future. 

Opting for NÜO solutions will help you avoid these hidden costs thanks to its high-end access control systems that are durable, resistant and free from licenses. 

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