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The Advantage of the Installer Who Implements Access Control Systems

Competitive Advantage of the Installer Who Implements Advanced Access Control Systems
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There are currently a wide variety of Access Control systems on the market. The competition is fierce and their systems vary in terms of quality, price, features and technical specifications. 

One of the main objectives of the Access Control installer is to offer a high security and quality solution to their client, with minimal maintenance and configuration problems, as well as offering a system that is sustainable with high-quality materials to guarantee its durability, ensuring they comply with the necessary IP Protection standards, with an innovative design and that allows for the comprehensive control of the influx of people onto the premises, whether we're talking about companies or residential complexes, thus preventing unauthorised third parties from accessing the company's confidential or sensitive information. 

Furthermore, in the "new normal", systems are needed that offer antibacterial solutions and allow personnel to be easily and quickly tracked and identified to protect against any possible contagion. In this regard, systems that incorporate biometrics are key. 

However, to meet these standards and customer needs, not just any type of system is valid, rather the installer must be very clear about the different options that exist in the Access Control market, in order to offer and recommend the best one to their client. Otherwise, the latter's trust in the installer will be affected, no longer requiring their services.

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What are we referring to with advanced Access Control systems? 

When we talk about advanced Access Control systems, we're referring to those solutions that are committed to innovation with cutting-edge technologies, as well as the latest trends in design and that guarantee a quick start-up and ease of installation. All-in-One solutions to avoid incompatibilities and installation complications. Because if you can carry out an installation in an hour, why spend half a day or even a whole day doing it? 

This is all something that NÜO contributes with our solutions. It's no longer about a one-size-fits-all solution; adaptability will be key to achieving solutions that adapt to the client's facilities and not the other way around. NÜO provides flexible and scalable solutions with the ability to increase the number of doors in the future and with different types of fully customisable devices for each door. 

Withstanding extreme temperatures, ensuring minimum maintenance, avoiding extra costs in licenses, saving installation times, offering solutions with the most advanced biometrics and committing to sustainable design and materials are just some of the advantages of working with our solutions such as the NÜO Go!, NÜO Awa, NÜO Polo or NÜO Run

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Competitive advantages of installers who opt for an advanced Access Control system


instaladores-tiempo ahorroRecurso 4Reduced installation times 

When you opt for an advanced Access Control system, you're guaranteeing that both the software and the hardware will work perfectly, since they are developed by the same manufacturer. 

For example, NÜO Solutions are packaged so that when they reach the installer, they are already practically assembled and the different devices connect almost automatically. The main device automatically locates all the elements of the installation and the installer only has to name the doors.

This way, the installer reduces the time spent on the installation, only needing a couple of hours instead of a whole day. 

This speed is also an advantage for the client, since it ensures a quick and easy implementation of the solution. 

instaladores-mantenimientoRecurso 3Low maintenance 

When an Access Control system requires low maintenance, it means that its systems are reliable and that the company will always be secure, avoiding constant breaches or data loss. Furthermore, updates are done automatically, without the client having to worry about whether the device has been left unprotected or obsolete.  

The materials used are also an important factor to consider when it comes to maintenance. To this end, at NÜO we are committed to using aluminium and ultra-resistant glass, reducing the use of plastics to the greatest extent possible, not only to guarantee the durability of the products, but to increase their sustainability. 

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Clients who are looking for advanced Access Control systems are clients who, above all, value design, quality and innovation and, therefore, don't focus as much on the price as they do on the technology and the security guarantees of the system. 

That's why, at NÜO, we offer high-end and elegant solutions, offering just what this type of client requires and without any licenses. This gives the client extra peace of mind, as they can call on the installer whenever they need. A way to strengthen their trust in the installer and help them retain clients. 

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As you can see, choosing to implement advanced access control systems will help you grow your business. Because your client deserves the absolute best. 

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