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Outdoor access control: everything you need to know

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There are two key points to consider when it comes to guaranteeing the security of a corporate building or company, Firstly, the management of who accesses the interior spaces of the facilities, and when and where they do so. Secondly, perimeter security, meaning the control of physical access of people to buildings or facilities and the prevention of intrusions by third parties that are not a part of the organization. In this regard, outdoor access control becomes key, and we will focus on this topic in this article.

As internal access (files, offices...) is essential, this makes outdoor access security all the more important.

In this article we are going to explain in exactly which locations outdoor access controls should be located, what must be taken into account when choosing the solution for this access control, and we will present our range of readers designed for outdoor use.


What topics will we discuss in this article??

  1. What do we mean by outdoor access control??

1.1. Access control for the main exterior door


1.2. Pedestrian access control from secondary doors

1.3. Access control to parking lots 

    2. What should you consider when choosing an outdoor access control system?
    3. NÜO Planet components for outdoor access control


1.What do we mean by outdoor access control?

An outdoor access control is any system focused on access control that is located in an outdoor location: a parking lot, outdoor and pedestrian accesses, rear doors, accesses to industrial buildings...


accesos_peatonales_y_desde_el_exterior external pedestrial access


These systems are essential for consolidating the security of a corporate building, home, or company, as they facilitate access control and management, and the ability to grant or deny the passage of subjects and vehicles according to their accreditation.



When talking about outdoor security, we can categorize the access controls into these     3 types:



Access control for main exterior door

By “outdoor door" we refer to accesses from the main entrance doors, where maximum security is imperative. The main door of your company or home must be able to manage both accredited users (employees authorized to access, for example) and non-accredited users who arrive at your facilities, and must be able to contact the interior of the building, or the reception.

In this way, it is essential to find equipment that allows us this duality, usually through reader modules and a video intercom module that are connected to a video console, facilitating communication from the inside with any person who tries to access your facilities.

control de accesos y videointercomunicacion


As the equipment will be located outside the building, it needs to be durable in the face of inclement weather and possible damage: wind, rain, snow, saline environments, high temperatures... It must be made using materials with impeccable outdoor performance, with a high degree of environmental protection and impact resistance.

In this case, the correct configuration of the system is essential, as it is one of the main entry routes into a company, corporate building, office, laboratory, medical or educational center…



Access control from secondary doors

We previously mentioned the importance of controlling the access of employees and visitors through the main doors, but the control of secondary doors or spaces attached to the main facilities is equally important, specifically pedestrian accesses, from the accesses to a warehouse, laboratory, production plant...

In this case, you will normally need access control with an outdoor reader, which may be:

biometric tag mobile-credencial
Biometric fingerprint identification Identification with access cards Mobile credentials through a smartphone


To facilitate access from outside the building and taking into account that we want to achieve the highest level of security possible, our professional recommendation is to opt for a biometric solution, meaning one that uses the fingerprint as an access control.

These are areas where the elements used must have high resistance and guarantee an infallible reading, as the following scenarios may occur::


biometria-lectura con guantes huellas muy secas huellas con cicatrices biometria - lectura a distancia para movilidad reducida
The user is wearing gloves. Very wet or dry fingers. Disfigured or scarred fingerprints. Need for remote readers to facilitate the entry of people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

In fact, these secondary pedestrian accesses are sometimes used by personnel with fingerprints which are hard to identify, such as cleaning or industrial staff, that also require the guarantee of a smooth flow of passage.. 


lectores biometricos casinos

For this reason, experts recommend

that these types of accesses or doors are installed to guarantee the total security of the facilities (especially when dealing with back doors or annexes with little surveillance), to guarantee fluid and agile access.




Access control for parking lots

This is one of the most delicate access points, as it is often overlooked in terms of security, so this must be especially taken into account. Unfortunately, thefts and break-ins in parking lots, both public and private, are becoming more frequent. They also constitute an access route for materials, people or elements in the building that may harm its integrity.

Even if the parking lot has an alarm system or CCTV, the most effective tool is the installation of an access control system for outdoor parking lots. In addition to working as a deterrent, this prevents and eliminates access by unauthorized personnel or vehicles.


management and access control for your parking


What should we consider before implementing access control for parking lots?

  • Choose systems designed to be installed outdoors. It is necessary that the equipment has a high resistance to extreme weather conditions and impacts, as it is an area vulnerable to incidents...

  • Choose a partner or access control company that is an expert in their field and can recommend la the most appropriate solution based on the requirements of your installation.There are many solutions available for your parking lot. For example:
    • Readers capable of detecting and reading the identification card from a long distance to access the parking lot without having to get out of the car, or even open the window.

    • Posts that incorporate both readers for the management of employee access, and video intercom for the management of visitors or non-accredited users, in a single terminal. The latter will not be able to access, but they will be able to communicate with the center to identify themselves.

    • Incorporate a camera for the recognition and automatic detection of license plates.

      coche ID_nuevo-min

  •  We must choose the appropriate reader format according to its location: post-mounted, wall-mounted, etc... In this sense, the design of the reader is especially relevant, as it must integrate perfectly with the building.

  • It is worth considering what type of vehicles will access the parking lot (cars, trucks, buses...) in order to choose the reader and its location. For example, specific posts are available for the access of buses, trucks, and vans to the parking lot, adapted to their height, for an optimal experience without having to get out of the vehicle.

  • Plan whether a two-way system (entrances and exits) is required or not.

  • The system must also have a traffic light signal to display the acceptance or not of the credentials



02. What should you consider when choosing an outdoor access control system?

As we have previously commented, given that their location makes them especially vulnerable to weather and impacts, these factors must be taken into account:



The readers and other components of the system must be resistant to abrasion, impact, and blows. Their resistance should be guaranteed by an IK protection level (code system governed by the international standard IEC 62262) at a level no lower than IK07.

Weather conditions

It must also be resistant to inclement weather: effects of solar radiation, rain, snow, wind, saline, and coastal environments and extreme temperatures. To understand this, the degree of IP protection (governed by the IEC 60529 standard) is considered. In this case, the degree has two digits: one referring to the entry of solid masses, and another for the entry of water. IP65 and IP67 levels are appropriate.


When locating the system, the environment of the surrounding area must be considered: saline environment, ports, coastal areas... We will also consider its degree of IP protection at this point, in order to minimize installation maintenance.

Understand the traffic flow

To streamline entry routes (which is important at peak times), it is advisable to take into account the number of users and doors that need to be controlled. Not all systems are capable of operating correctly with an intensive activity of 1000 users, nor is it necessary to assume the cost of a system that is beyond your requirements if, for example, you only need to control 3 doors.

Choosing an agile reader and an efficient type of access will be essential, as well as choosing a long-distance reader.



03. NÜO Planet equipment for outdoor access control

Now that we considered the factors for choosing a system and its components, we present our solutions





Air Reader

The off-road reader. MIFARE Plus® proximity card reader (state-of-the-art security), with NFC and Bluetooth® technology. Prepared for outdoor operation with an IP67 environmental protection rating and IK08 impact resistance rating. Robust and durable, for intensive working environments.




Find out more

Awa Reader

The most versatile reader with the most advanced biometrics on the market. Combined biometrics and proximity reader with optical fingerprint sensor with multi-spectral imaging technology and MIFARE Plus® proximity reader, with Bluetooth and NFC communication. Prepared for outdoor operation with an IP67 environmental protection rating and IK08 impact resistance rating. Guarantees the reading of fingerprints in rain, snow, saline environments, extreme temperatures, or when the user is wearing latex gloves.

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Exteriores Guaranteed Identification






W&M Voxter high security video intercom

A sophisticated video intercom for the management of unauthorized users and visitors. Prepared for intensive use under the most demanding environmental conditions, with IP67 environmental protection rating.

voxter calling door@2x

The button and the camera are protected by a tempered glass front that is ultra-resistant to shocks, disinfectants, and scratches..

Find out more..




accesos peatonales de exteriores - nuo- sky



Sky equipment for outdoor pedestrian access 

Suitable for outdoor biometric access control by fingerprint, card, or mobile phone, fully customizable, with a built-in high-resolution camera and perfect audio quality. Equipment specifically designed for outdoor operation and for joint management of employees, through the reader module, and visits, through the video intercom module.


We offer three models: the Sky Walk ground-mounted post, perfect for glass facades or buildings with design and special protection, the Sky Flux model for wall-mounting that protrudes just 11mm, and the Sky Surf model for surface mounting.





Sky Car

Sky Two

A vehicle access control post that is aesthetically unbeatable. It boasts the latest advances in audio and video. The different configurations allow Video intercom to be integrated for the management of visitors, and readers for the management of employees.

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For large and small vehicles alike. Because trucks and buses are not the same height as cars




NÜO ID Reader

Forget about commands with this long-distance UHF card reader, ideal for identifying vehicles without them having to stop at the barrier.



The casing is made from highly resistant polycarbonate with an IP67 environmental protection rating and IK10 impact resistance rating (the highest level). Able to work 24/7 in any condition.

Find out more




NÜO Matrik automatic license plate recognition

Automatic license plate recognition system for private and public parking lots. License plate identification is ensured in any weather and light condition, using a refined algorithm based on OCR and a powerful infrared illumination.





Sky TL traffic light

It adapts to any environment and signals access permission with a red or green light. LED lighting modules with very low consumption and automatic light regulation.

We hope this content has answered your questions related to outdoor access control and we invite you to navigate through this interactive experienceo learn more about the elements that we have discussed. If you have any questions, just, reach out to usand we will devise the best solution for your requirements.



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