Security | 6 MIN | 4/04/2022

Why is security so important in Industry 4.0?

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As recently as a decade ago, the idea of machines communicating with each other, programming production, and developing services without human intervention was the stuff of science fiction.

However, a future with artificial intelligence applied to production, machine-to-machine communications and 100% automated manufacturing processes is becoming a very tangible reality.

Industry 4.0 is advancing in leaps and bounds, bringing about a radical change in business, production, and management paradigms, incorporating technology, connectivity, and communications as central elements. Furthermore, the so-called fourth industrial revolution is one of the most far-reaching changes occurring in the world.


A recent study shows that the shift to Industry 4.0 is increasing at a rate of 16% year-on-year.


It is estimated that by 2026, global investment in the installation of equipment, systems, software, training, and changes in industrial methodologies will exceed 165 billion euros worldwide

Although it does entail a learning process, as well as changes in approach and the specialisation of human resources, Industry 4.0 relies on technology, artificial intelligence, and computerised systems to be implemented effectively.

Security therefore plays a critical role in protecting equipment, systems and data from attack, theft, malicious tampering, espionage, and unauthorised duplication.


When industry is the victim

The security of the industrial sector, of production plants and factories, is crucial to today's economic developments. As you will see in "10 essential tips for implementing access control in an industrial building", modern industrial security continues to present numerous challenges and vulnerabilities.

The manufacturing industry is subject to a type of theft that is very different from the typical criminal act. Likewise, industrial espionage is not just carried out by professional hackers or large financial consortiums.

Almost two thirds of Spanish industrial businesses have been the victim of some form of theft of information, formulas, blueprints, projects, ideas, and confidential information on the part of customers, suppliers, associates, and employees. These staggering figures have resulted in huge financial losses, delays in product development and research, and lengthy legal battles and have even led to some firms going out of business.

access control for industry

The most alarming aspect of these figures is that most of these attacks are carried out by employees, technicians, senior managers, and people who have been granted free access to the industrial facilities. The perpetrators have not only given confidential information to outsiders but have also been responsible for physical damage to equipment, for sabotaging production processes and for unquantifiable damage to the businesses affected.

Security and access control: The backbone of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is based on the implementation of demand forecasting systems, data management, controlled production, process automation and resource optimisation.

These changes in production methodology depend on the interaction of a range of equipment and machinery, communication, operational and administrative systems, as well as processors, scenario analysts and artificial intelligence.


The interaction between hardware and software is driven by M2M, WSN, the Internet of things, cloud computing and machine learning processes. These processes all work strictly according to a complex programming and synchrony of computer code design, algorithms, and scenario analysis.

A simple change in programming code, malicious damage to equipment, tampering with the data of a formulation or a production process step can result in huge losses to a business.

control de accesos y videointercomunicacion

The Spanish industry and business community invested more than one billion euros in cybersecurity and data protection in 2021. However, not enough emphasis has been placed on protection based on access control systems for industry as a proactive, preventive, and deterrent solution.

Access control via biometrics based on fingerprint reading with intuitive, scalable and hierarchical systems is the most efficient means of providing comprehensive protection in Industry 4.0.

secutiry Industry 4.0


NÜO Solutions: access control for industry

NÜO access controls enable your business to lay the foundations for development and growth in the fourth industrial revolution. Our systems and ongoing support ensure that security is less of a concern in this complex process.

Biometric access control with fingerprint readers and multispectral technology gives your company global and 100% effective oversight of everything that happens in your facilities, from who accessed when and where, to unauthorised access attempts. At NÜO, we always recommend the use of biometrics to ensure the security of industrial premises, as traditional cards, key fobs or keys are easily lost, stolen or shared among colleagues in order to circumvent the system. Biometric fingerprint readers mean identification is 100% fool proof.  

biometric access control

NÜO's industrial access control systems can be adapted to any industrial building thanks to our wide range of devices and features. Industrial businesses of all types will find the perfect access control system to suit their needs; from food manufacturers, heavy industrial plants, the pharma sector, the automotive industry, etc. Our technical-commercial experts in the design and development of security projects will conduct a complete security analysis of your facilities in order to identify the best solution for your business, with no obligation on your part. Tell us about your project here and we will be happy to advise you, again with no obligation on your part.

Our team of engineers will develop a customised solution for your business. You can be given a free DEMO where you can see for yourself the efficiency, security, and speed of NÜO access controls. 

NÜO Planet is your security partner on your journey towards innovation, the optimisation of your production process and the transition to Industry 4.0.

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