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Security systems for jewelers: how to prevent theft

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Did you know that there is a high rate of theft and break-ins in Spain?

La Vanguardia tells us that Spain has the third highest rate of shoplifting in Europe and the sixth highest in the world.

One of the most attractive targets for criminals are jewelry and watch stores. In fact, the article cited states that the businesses with the greatest losses in Spain are clothing, (1.86% of total sales), jewelry and watch stores (1.66%). Despite being a business that tends to have more security than others, thieves are attracted by the potentially massive rewards from a single robbery. This is why security in jewelry stores is a must.

This worries professionals in the sector who are implementing more and more security and protection methods for their facilities to prevent this from happening. The cost of preventing these thefts for retailers amounts to 2.21% of their total income. However, these businesses still remain vulnerable to criminals.


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But what are the ideal security systems for jewelry stores?

In this article we'll tell you everything you need to know to protect your business.


Security systems in your jewelry store: the most important aspects

Having a good security system in your jewelry store is key to keeping the business safe. As we previously mentioned, the basis of security in jewelry stores are the particular systems implemented, along with their specific features and effectiveness.




Alarms and surveillance cameras

This is the most basic level of security in jewelry stores and it is very important that they be connected to an alarm centre that can notify the police or emergency services if an incident occurs.

These types of security systems allow us not only to notify law enforcement, but to make recordings that are saved for later review if necessary.


Safes in jewelry stores

Another of the basic elements that cannot be missing in jewelry store security systems are safes. Not only are they used to store jewelry, but for documentation or cash. This system is usually camouflaged in the facilities so that they can't easily be found in the event of theft.


Bulletproof glass and doors

Jewelry stores often have numerous windows and displays to attract the attention of customers. The problem is that they also attract the attention of criminals.

To avoid certain altercations, your jewelry store must have bulletproof glass and doors, so that they may not be easily broken. But do you think these security systems are really enough for your jewelry store?




Security systems for jewelry stores with biometric technology

The jewelry business requires 360°, fully guaranteed security, keeping in mind the nature and importance of the goods in the stores.

Unfortunately, traditional security systems are not enough to stop criminals. Such systems are limited and these days an advanced total security system is required. One of the alternatives to these traditional systems are biometric access control systems which have biometric technology, the most advanced on the market when it comes to security.

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In fact, experts recommend the use of fingerprint readers for spaces requiring special protection, such as jewelry and watch stores. They work by using individual metrics and biological characteristics to restrict access with unique parameters for each person, which cannot be exchanged, loaned or stolen like cards or keys. This protects your jewelry from unauthorized personnel (both internal and external), preventing them from gaining access, which might also put your merchandise at risk.


What to keep in mind when protecting your jewelry


 Protection during the day

If the jewelry store has a lot of traffic during the working day, it's essential to control inventory. Installing access control systems in jewelry stores to restrict customers from entering certain private or more sensitive areas such as storage rooms is essential for controlling and separating the public areas from those with restricted access. Although there may be shop assistants, the slightest distraction could be used to steal the valuable and small objects found in jewelry and watch stores.

This may be complemented through the use of showcases or displays in the public access areas, controlled with advanced access systems. From a commercial point of view, customers can easily see the items available for purchase, but we prevent possible thefts that might go unnoticed in a moment of distraction.




There are also those times when (depending on the value of the items in the store) it is convenient to activate advanced security functions, such as the supervisor mode. This means that if there is a storage room where high-value objects or a significant amount of cash are kept, it can be controlled with the supervisor function, whereby an employee needing to enter may only do so if their supervisor has previously admitted them, or with the dual intervention function requiring simultaneous usage of two different credentials for access to be authorized.



 Security for jewelry stores at night

Once the working day is over, jewelry stores have to step up their security. One piece of advice would be to remove the jewelry from the display cases before closing them and to store them in a room with special access permissions. It is important that your access control management application allows each employee to have personalized permissions, preventing a jewelry store employee from being able to access it once it is closed. The more advanced software also keeps a log of all accesses, even unauthorized attempts, so that you can detect any suspicious actions: that a jewelry store employee has tried to open the main door at night, outside of opening hours for example.



  Convenience and high levels of security in a single gesture

It is also very important that the advanced access control systems for jewelry stores allow the shutters and alarm to be connected to the security system, so that when the authorized employee goes to open the jewelry store in the morning, by placing their fingerprint on the entry reader they're able to open the security shutter and open the door in a single gesture, also placing their fingerprint on the indoor reader as soon as they enter to deactivate the alarm.


When picking an access control system for your jewelry store, it's essential for it to be highly secure while allowing you to create a streamlined and comfortable work environment, which will help you save time with your processes.


If you want to protect your jewelry store with the most advanced security systems on the market, don't hesitate to contact NÜO Planet. We are leaders in access control technology and we have the option that best suits the needs of your establishment.






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