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How to sell a profitable access control project?

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What does a company look for in its Access Control system? Comprehensive security at a profitable price. As an installer, you have the challenge to offer innovative, secure and durable Access Control systems at a price that is in line with their performance. Cheap ends up being expensive and expensive is not always the best. 
 Therefore, for an Access Control project to be profitable and meet the needs of your client, it must have certain features and technical specifications, which we will see below. 


What must an Access Control system be like to be profitable? 

In NÜO we have been working for years alongside installers, (because they, better than anyone, know the market and client needs) to develop innovative access control systems, with the latest technology and a unique design. Because integrating the devices in the environment is also of great importance. In all these years, we have realized that for an Access Control system to be profitable, both for the installer and the client, it is necessary for it to meet the following requirements. 


tcnología e innovación

Innovation and cutting-edge technology 

It may seem an abstract and empty concept, but when talking about innovation and cutting-edge technology at NÜO we are referring to betting on the most advanced technologies in the market that guarantee the functional operation of the installation. 

For example, the Biometrics that we develop at NÜO have been designed based on the latest advances in technology and include the most innovative sensors that guarantee the correct authentication of the users, with no margin of error. When talking about security, it should not be forgotten that what was once secure has soon become obsolete due to the dizzying speed of scientific advances. 

Another very important fact when choosing a security manufacturer is to make sure that it is a company with a real and effective commitment to innovation. At NÜO we have a Product and R&D center dedicated exclusively to research, testing and constant research of new components, technologies and programming languages so that our solutions are constantly evolving.


materiales sostenibles

Betting on sustainable materials 

Access Control systems must be designed for durability. 

Since these systems can be used both outdoors and indoors, they must be able to withstand extreme temperatures. 
For the client, buying a system that will require a lot of maintenance or one that can be easily damaged each time there is a sudden change in temperature is not profitable, and neither is it for the installer. These systems have a warranty, and if it breaks down every now and then, the installer will be forced to replace it, thus losing money. Moreover, the client's confidence in the installer will be affected and it will be more difficult for him to keep the client's loyalty. 

This is why at NÜO we mainly use aluminum and ultra-resistant tempered glass for our systems. Materials that guarantee a durability far superior to materials commonly used in the sector such as plastics. This is due to the fact that apart from being very resistant materials, easy to clean and sanitize, they are also 100% recyclable. For us, durability is key, and we know that it is totally linked to the level of maintenance and troubleshooting of security systems. When you install robust, solid solutions that can withstand the test of time, you have a happy client in your pocket.


polo colores_ adaptable a todas las superficies

Design that fits any surface 

It may seem that the design of an Access Control system does not affect profitability, but for the installer, it is a point to take into account. Having elegant solutions capable of adapting to any surface is an important factor for the client, since these, being integrated into the facade and next to the doors, can spoil the aesthetics and affect the essence of the building. 
Design-oriented clients look for only the best, they are clients who are more interested in details than in price. Therefore, they will not hesitate to pay a little more for a solution that fully integrates with the exterior of the building, if this way they avoid having a large piece of equipment that takes all the attention and spoils the image they want to give to their clients and partners, given that it will be the first thing they will see. 
Within the design, you should also take into account the customization possibilities provided by the manufacturer, for example, in NÜO each device can be selected in a multitude of finishes and color frames.  The IP degree of protection is also very important, since it helps to determine whether a device is suitable or not for the space where it is to be installed. These degrees indicate the level of protection of the systems against the entry of external agents such as dust or water. 
At NÜO, all our outdoor devices have an IP protection rating between IP65 and IP67 and an impact resistance rating of IK08.


seguridad e informes a medida

Comprehensive security

When companies decide to install an Access Control system, as its name suggests, what they are looking for is to control the entry and exit of personnel, to ensure 100% security. That is why they need systems that allow them to monitor access to their facilities in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in addition to a comprehensive data compilation and authentication. Any incident involving Access Control can result in financial losses for the client. 
Imagine that an unauthorized third party gains access to the company and steals confidential and compromising documents or projects. This could lead to a reputation crisis or result in huge financial losses. 

At NÜO we work with All-in-One solutions, which means that the hardware and software are developed by us, so there are no bugs (incompatibilities) or vulnerabilities, thus maximizing security. In addition, NÜO systems have operational autonomy to ensure 24/7 operation. In the event of a communications failure or breakdown, the system will continue to function normally and identify users.



Ease of installation 

System installation is key to improving the profitability of a security and access control installation, both for the installer and the end user. 

For the installer, the easier and faster the installation, the more clients he can serve in a day. Taking an hour for a single installation is not the same as a morning or a whole day. 

With NÜO systems, time savings are possible thanks to our packaged solutions with everything you need: batteries, power supply, software, hardware... And everything is practically assembled. In addition, the connection between doors is done automatically. 

For the client, shorter system installation means not only faster set-up, but also lower labor costs. 


Minimal maintenance 

By working with resistant materials such as glass and aluminum, the deterioration of the devices is almost imperceptible and their durability is significantly longer. This avoids the installer from having to maintain devices in optimal conditions by changing damaged parts. In addition, as updates are performed automatically, security vulnerabilities and failures are avoided, as well as extra costs derived from the support and maintenance of the solution. 

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