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Biometric Access Control: what it is and how to implement it

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Biometric access control has undergone a series of developments in recent years that have led to the democratization of this technology, and further progress towards total security.

Among the multitude of access control systems, biometric access stands out as a solid technology and one that is also increasingly available to all kinds of companies.

Discover all the possibilities offered by biometric control solutions today and how to implement them in your facilities with this brief guide.


imagen-awa-biometria_gestión-de-usuariosWhat is biometric access control?

Biometric access control includes all technologies that use the physical characteristics of a human being to authenticate identities and grant access.

In recent years, biometrics has emerged as one of the most secure access control solutions, and its market value is expected to double over the next decade.

By accessing this advanced technology, we can say goodbye to ineffective alternatives such as low-frequency cards, and preventing insecure situations such as internal fraud, which more than half of companies have already suffered from, according to Deloitte. 


Types of biometric access


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Voice recognition

A voice biometric access system is capable of recognizing the vibrations a person creates when speaking, identifying the individual to deny or grant access.

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Facial recognition

Biometric control by facial recognition is based on 2D and more recently 3D images, extracting a facial template or mask while attempting to identify an individual.

These systems are still in a very early stage of maturation and not currently capable of guaranteeing correct and precise identification.

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Eye recognition

This is a more precise system than facial identification but with certain difficulties (the individual's position must be exact in terms of height and users also associate this system with a lack of privacy and intimacy) and until now, high costs.



Biometric access control is considered the most secure on offer today, based on the fact that fingerprints are unique and immutable.

In this regard, and to reduce security risks to a minimum, it's essential to make use of the latest generation fingerprint readers, which also have advanced features such as:

  • Multispectral optical recognition system for the superficial layers of the epidermis or for use in difficult situations (latex gloves, dirty or wet fingers etc).
  • Instant comparison with the fingerprint database and automatic recording in reports for complete control over facility access.
  • Ability to make use of contactless biometric readers such as the NÜO Fly, the fingerprint reader that won the prestigious Red Dot design award in 2022.



Advantages of a biometric access system

The benefits of biometric access control have positioned this technology as one of the most popular for all kinds of businesses. Some of the reasons why biometrics is recommended for security applications include the following:


High security levels

Biometric access is the only method that can identify an individual in an access control system with full certainty.

Cards or badges can be exchanged, loaned or stolen (so that a company may not be certain of the real identity of someone getting through an access control). However, biometrics is a reliable system since it's based on unique biological factors.

This is the right solution for locations valuing the security of their facilities, such as access control for laboratories, industries, offices or banks and others. 

Low maintenance cost

By not depending on keys or cards, biometric control requires less maintenance compared to other options.

Easy to use

Biometric access control is an intuitive system for users, making identification straightforward. It utilizes to easy-to-use software, and also facilitates full control over access to facilities for any company.



Implement biometric access control with NÜO Planet

At NÜO Planet, we design biometric access control systems tailored to each company. 

Located at the forefront of biometric control, we offer high-precision multispectral technology for the unequivocal identification of each individual, having also made progress in contactless biometrics with our NÜO Fly reader.

Are you looking for the highest level of security in biometric access control together with a frictionless experience? These are some of our solutions:



Our Lu reader is a high-end miniaturized biometric reader, set up to manage access for up to 250 users with maximum security. 

With an exclusive design and small dimensions, we've extended its versatility so that it may be installed in unusual places such as doors with very narrow metal profiles, glass entrances, cabinets, showcases, drawers and more.

farmacia lu _ collage 02@2x-min




Lu W

The Lu W reader represents a high-end option for managing user access to indoor spaces with maximum security.

It employs a capacitive sensor and a powerful biometric algorithm, and features outstanding capabilities such as:

  • Semi-flush mounting with concealed latch and screwless closure
  • Fits into door profiles thanks to its narrow design
  • High-quality aluminium casing
  • Antibacterial treatment to prevent germs from being generated on the reader's surface





The Awa reader is designed to provide high security levels for outdoor biometric readers and for environments with high security sensitivity such as access control in industries or laboratories.

With a state-of-the-art optical sensor, the NÜO Awa outdoor reader makes it easy to capture clear images of the deep layers of the finger's surface. Among its characteristics, the following stand out:

  • Use of multispectral technology
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • Reading with gloves or dirty, wet or scarred fingers…
  • Versatility, being able to incorporate MIFARE Plus® high-security proximity cards, NFC technology for access via mobile devices and communication with apps on smartphones via Bluetooth® interface
  • Ability to work in extreme weather conditions (temperatures from -20ºC to over 60ºC) and high resistance to abrasion, impacts, sunlight, rain, and saline conditions




Awa X

The Awa X reader is designed for the ultra-fast management of turnstile access controls, being able to manage the access of thousands of users.

Based on a turnstile-specific DC Lane controller and state-of-the-art biometric algorithm, it also enables access via high-security cards and mobile devices.


Solucion para el hall de tu edificio con tornos


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