Biometrics | 9 MIN | 2/12/2022

Biometrics on the rise: the latest security technology

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Concern for security has become one of the cornerstones of modern society.

People need to feel safe and calm in all the environments in which they operate. In recent years, the use of biometric access control systems for offices, viviendas homes, and all types of buildings has increased.

For many years we have used long and complicated passwords to unlock our devices, online accounts, or even access our jobs. Little by little, technologies are opening up that make our day-to-day life easier and more convenient, for example, why use a complex password on our mobile phone when we can simply unlock it using the biometric data of our fingerprint?

Just as these conveniences are being integrated into our daily lives, these same new technologies are also gradually entering into our professional lives. All the complications that traditional office access methods entail, such as keys that can be copied, stolen, or lent to third parties, and access codes that can be stolen by anyone who sees you enter them, have resulted in highly inefficient, modern offices which are increasingly demanding other types of access controls, which can provide comfort, flexibility, and maximum security.

It is therefore unsurprising that biometrics is currently on the rise, as it provides a faster, more comfortable, and secure identification alternative.


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This trend, which became popular with mobile phones, is being implemented in all types of companies thanks to its proven effectiveness.

Unlike traditional authentication systems that are easily vulnerable, biometric systems are highly secure because they are based on identification using unique human parameters. 




Want to discover what makes biometrics the technology of choice for security? 

¡We will explain everything in this article!



What are biometrics?

Biometrics is comprised of a set of techniques and methods that use the physical and behavioral traits of people as a reference to identify them. This means that they use the unique characteristics that differentiate a person from others, such as fingerprints, the iris, voice patterns, the geometry of the veins in the hand, the face, etc.

When we talk about biometric security, we refer to the use of these unique characteristics of human beings, to secure and protect facilities, devices, or information.

Biometrics applied to access control turns you into your own key. It's that secure. This is the reason why it is increasingly becoming integrated into our lives.
Just as it is already common to unlock your mobile phone with your fingerprint, it will soon be common to make payments in a store using fingerprint authentication or use your fingerprint to start the car.



The most used types of biometric systems

Although this technology is on the rise, we must not forget that not all biometric systems

offer the same security guarantees.


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Facial recognition

This system analyzes the geometry of the user's face, including the distance between the eyes, nose and chin... Its objective is to create an encryption of the user's facial data that cannot be spoofed.

We are seeing it more and more widespread among mobile devices, which use it as a screen unlocking mode. The problem is that this method does not provide 100% reliability, so it is insufficient to ensure security.

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Voice recognition

A person's voice is unique as it is determined by the shape of their mouth, larynx, and nose, as well as the length of their vocal tract. We can see this method used by the Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant systems. However, it is a technology that is not yet mature enough to be used in applications that require security guarantees, such as access control. 

Iris recognition

This technology consists of scanning the iris or the retina to identify a person. Retina recognition involves illuminating the eye to identify the pattern of the blood vessels, whereas iris recognition analyzes the composition of the colors of the user's iris. This method, although it has proven to be very precise, has a high manufacturing cost and the security guarantees that it offers are very similar to fingerprints, meaning that it does not compensate for the difference in price. It also presents complications in terms of locating the readers at the appropriate level and height for all types of people to carry out the identification.



Fingerprint recognition

According to experts, the most reliable, simple, and economical method of all.

Fingerprint recognition consists of creating a digital model of the user's fingerprints and performing an analysis of the pattern and the image captured by the fingerprint sensor in order to allow or deny access.

It is considered one of the most effective and secure biometric access control solutions. An innovation in this sector is the appearance of contactless fingerprint readers. They offer the same security guarantees as fingerprint readers but avoid physical contact between the finger and the surface of the reader. La Contactless biometrics is emerging as the newest trend in security and access control.




Changes brought by biometrics

The use of this technology in security entails many benefits for all types of sectors: payment methods, cybersecurity, security and access control...


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EThe use of biometrics as a form of payment will completely remove the use of cash. In addition, it will speed up payment processes and prevent fraudulent operations or identity theft when paying.

Forgetting passwords is a common issue that will be solved thanks to this technology.

It is a highly reliable method to verify a person's identity: a card can be cloned, but a fingerprint cannot. This has many positive implications for SMEs and retailers.

Biometrics in cybersecurity applications provides many other advantages:

Credentials such as codes and passwords are easy for a hacker to steal, however biometric traits are very difficult to steal.


If someone wanted to steal our fingerprint, they would have to complete the following steps::

  • They would have to have access to it, meaning to be in contact with us, or a surface or object where we have left our fingerprint.
  • They would have to be able to transfer the print “in negative” to a format that allows them to obtain it “in positive”, to be able to leave an impression of it.
  • They would have to be able to replicate it on a medium that allows them to use it..

It is extremely difficult to carry out this entire process without damaging the fingerprints, which need to be in perfect condition to be read by the devices.


Benefits of using biometric systems

Using biometrics in security systems brings benefits for all sectors, especially in corporate buildings where there is a high volume of people and visitors. Implementing access control systems in workplaces makes workers and employers feel safe, as nobody from outside the company will be able to access the company and its information. In addition, it will also allow the the protection of sensitive company assets and data.

In facilities such as hospitals or laboratories it is considered essential that these systems are implemented, because they will avoid data leaks, contamination in their tests, etc. They will also protect your patients and workers and will make it possible to control access to restricted areas. Not to mention private homes, where our entire world is and that contain everything worth protecting. los Access control systems for residential properties are the latest trend to keep your entire world under control. 



As you can see, biometrics is on the rise and will continue to increase in use. It's the technology of the future, but it is already here, and it is here to stay!

The most innovative buildings already feature this technology, what are you waiting for to implement it in yours?

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